Did you know

Did you Know?

1) 11% of people are left handed
2) August has the highest percentage of births
3) the average person falls asleep in 7 minutes
4) lemons contain more sugar than strawberries
5) 8% of people have an extra rib
6) 85% of plant life is found in the ocean
7) the Hawaiian alphabet has 13 letters
8) the most commonly used letter in the alphabet is E
9) the 3 most common languages in the world are Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and English
10) the smallest bones in the human body are found in your ear
11) cats spend 66% of their life asleep
12) your brain uses 25% of all the oxygen your breathe
13) money is the number one thing that couples argue about
14) women blink twice as much as men
15) honey is the only natural food which never spoils
16) your liver has over 500 functions
17) the only continent with no active volcanoes is Australia
18) the Taj Mahal in India is made entirely out of marble
19) toilets use 35% of indoor water use
20) Koalas sleep around 18 hours a day
21) all insects have 6 legs
22) an egg contains every vitamin except vitamin C
23) you begin to feel thirsty when your body losses 1% of water
24) all the blinking in one day equates to having your eyes closed for 30 minutes
25) sponges hold more cold water than hot
26) human thigh bones are stronger than concrete
27) fire usually moves faster uphill than downhill
28) sound travels 4.3 times faster through water than in air
29) it’s possible to lead a cow up stairs but not down
30) elephants are the only mammal that can’t jump

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