We asked kids…

What does happiness mean to you?

By Astrid Van Den Broek

Read on to find out their sweet answers and take away the simplicity of happiness in our own lives.

“Having and being with my family and friends. Happiness is about being nice and spreading love all around the world.” Rachel, 7 years old

“Being with my family and playing with my friends and nice and sunny days. And when my dad comes home from work and I like to cuddle him.”–Annika, 6 years old

“Ummmm….playing happy. And playing in the playground. And playing with your friends outside happy.”–Desmond, 3 years old

“Happiness is what you feel when you, um, make a new friend, get a new pet or see family you haven’t seen in awhile. Or getting a toy you really, really, really want.”–Sabrina, 8 years old

“A carnival. A roller coaster because you feel like you’re driving the Batmobile.” –David, 6 years old

“Happiness to me means getting video game time, TV time, the books I want…It’s when you feel good about something, joyful, when you want to dance sometimes…Fridays make me happy, especially long weekends. And that’s about it.”–Phoenix, 10 years old

“Happiness pretty much means peace. Like the whole world is peaceful and you are so excited.” –Keegan, 8 years old

“I know what it means. It means you hug everybody and squeeze everybody. And that’s all.”–Ty, 5 years old

“Happiness is something that people really like and is really happy. Like flowers, hearts and happy faces, and fairs. And of course being on my Nintendo DSi. Because I really like being on my DSi. But the part I don’t really like is that mom always tries to get me off my DSi.”–Olivia, 6 years old

“It’s like friendship and teamwork, and just enjoying yourself!”–Aidan, 10 years old

“ It means if you’re happy you can let a friend come over. Happiness feels happy!”–Annabelle, 6 years old

“Going home for dinner makes me happy. So does getting snacks before bedtime. Happiness means joy.”–Cooper, 6 years old

“Happiness means showing your teacher how many things you can count. Saying how you can spell your name. Doing all the things you can do. Or when someone gets you something you want to eat.”–Henry, 3 years old

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