We asked Millennials…

What does happiness mean to you?

By Erica Gossett

“Happiness is weightlessness and freedom from life’s insecurities or frustrations, even for only a few seconds. It’s forgetting about bills, work, and other burdens so that for those few seconds or hours, you are free.” ~ Laura, 23 years old

“Happiness to me is being able to find joy and contentment in really all parts of my life. When I can appreciate the good as much as the bad, I know I’ve reached happiness. When I know I can handle frustrating times and surround myself with positive people, I achieve the most happiness in my world. Happiness isn’t always being happy. For me it’s accepting life and seeing it as a whole picture. Not getting bothered by the bumps in the road, but being patient with myself and understanding that I’m human. When I’m in a good place internally, then I bring that energy with me and share it with the ones I love.” ~ Nina, 22 years old

“It’s being surrounded by people that lift you up and make you a better person.” ~ Melissa, 21 years old

“Happiness is the ultimate goal of life, fulfilled by finding the good in everything and not worrying about what you can’t control.” ~ Allie, 20 years old

“It’s when you learn to love yourself first.” ~ Nancy, 24 years old

“Happiness is finding yourself. It’s the things that make us feel whole or complete and letting that shine through all we do.” ~ Cassandra, 22 years old

“Something that triggers the mind to cherish something forever and whenever you are down you will look back upon
for joy.” ~ Sean, 22 years old

“True happiness is when you don’t want anything in your life to change because everything is perfect right now.”
~ Kayla, 21 years old

“Happiness is smiling for no reason, seeing beauty in the smaller things, staying hopeful in bleak situations.”
~ Katie, 22 years old

“A state of mind that is free of pain and suffering. Happiness is overall gratefulness of life and love for everything you surround yourself with.” ~ Amber, 22 years old

“Happiness is being stress free hanging out with my brothers and parents while not having any worries in the world.” ~ Maura, 25 years old

“Happiness is being active and doing things that put me in a good mood. It’s when I’m not stressed and most content with my work and life in general.” ~ Liz, 21 years old

“Coming home from a long day of school and my dogs run up to me.” ~ Amanda, 18 years old

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