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What does happiness mean to you?

By Helena Hounsel

“Happiness to me is surrounding myself with the people I love. Nothing fills me with more joy than being in good company and laughing with friends and family” – Brooke Morin

Happiness is like a door. Many try opening it, but it doesn’t budge without the right key. You need to forge your own, because the locks are never the same. But just remember if you aren’t now, some day that door will open, and all meaning to you will come. – Brandon

Happiness is such a fleeting feeling that there is no point wasting your efforts trying to obtain it. It will quickly slip away from you. Joy, however, is a state of mind and a way of life. Those who are blessed enough to find joy do not need to chase happiness, as it will often come to them. – Jenna

Happiness is knowing that my family is safe and cared for and that I have done what I can to make that happen.- Dena Booze

Happiness to me is daily laughter and acceptance with the here and now, being OK and confident in myself, my path, and my present. – Helena Hounsel

Happiness to me is knowing that I’m spending my time wisely, being positive and creating something useful and worthwhile. – Bernadette Sheridan

Happiness to me is accepting myself and my choices as part of my journey. Being confident that I’ll learn, grow, and continue to succeed in life. – Shandra Bailey

It took me 50 years to figure out that happiness is an inside job. I was conditioned to be very judgmental and I didn’t realize what this did to my ability to appreciate my life. It was just normal to me. True lasting Happiness is the absence or severe reduction of judgment, no more, no less. The moment that we start judging we find something to be unhappy about. Yes, it really is that simple. – Don H.

The ability to laugh for a good reason. The ability to cry for those in pain. The experience of both in my varied life leads me to know what happiness is and it serves me well. Because of this I know what true happiness is and I have the ability to laugh for a good reason. I’ve shed enough tears to understand joy. – Sheila J.

In simple words, happiness means having what you want, doing what you love and enjoying life. – Leila

Well….I think really being happy is having a sense of contentment. Being able to see the good in even the worst situations, only because you know things could be far worse. Happiness lies within you, only you can unleash it fully. Seeing others smile makes me truly happy. – Sebastian F.

To come to place where you realize life isn’t perfect, but to look at the cup half full and be grateful for all that you have, rather than worrying about all your troubles and what you lack. – Alex

Being at peace with yourself…and maybe some cash on the side never hurt. – Mya

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